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Dresses for Body Types

If you are one of those women who are constantly on the lookout for pieces of clothing that fit perfectly and accentuate the best features, then the following guide on choosing the right dress for your body type will be extremely helpful. Whether you are petite, tall, full-figured or hourglass, there is no need to worry – there is a perfect dress for you and you can find it without having to hire a personal stylist. In fact, the right dress will do a real miracle – it will draw attention to the best part of your body and you won’t have to worry about any challenging body parts. The key to dressing well is to always dress for your own body. What flatters your body type is generally the best piece of clothing for you. Here are the tips on choosing dresses.

1.     For a Petite Figure

If you are comfortable on a pair of high heels, then a mini dress with a short hem is perfect for your body type. This dress will visually elongate your legs. If the event requires a floor-length dress, then pick a style that hugs the body and fits you well. Avoid draping and extra fabric that can overwhelm the petite figure.

2.     For a Small Bust

You can easily wear a low V-neck dress in a neutral or bright colour, a dress with a sweetheart neckline, a hug-me dress or one with more embellishments at the top.

3.     For a Big Bust

Women with big busts can wear one-shoulder dresses or strapless dresses easily, but the key is a comfortable bra that covers well and doesn’t ruin the effect of the dress. Avoid wearing tent dresses which fall straight down.

4.     For Creating Curves

If you have a slim body and you wish to create more of an hourglass shape, pick a dress with a defined waistline. You could also use a belt to create this shape. Another style to try is cupcake dresses or ones with A-lines.

5.     For Hiding the Stomach

If you don’t like your stomach area much, you can create a nice silhouette with the right fabric and style of dress. Avoid fabrics that cling to the body and are too tight. Choose dresses with banding, sequins and generally lots of texture. This texture will smooth your frame and draw attention away from any areas that might stick out too much. One of the best styles is an empire waist dress – it falls loosely reaching the knees.

6.     For Pear Shape

Women with pear shape bodies have a wider bottom than the top. This difference can be balanced by wearing dresses of two colours – lighter top colour and darker bottom colour. Another way to draw the attention to the upper body is by wearing a statement necklace or choosing a dress with a sequined neckline.

7.     For Tall Girls

For tall girls the best styles of dresses include one-shoulder dresses, asymmetrical dresses, pleats and sleeves. If you have broader shoulders pick a dress with long loose sleeves – ideally one.

author: Teodora Todorova

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