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Dress Your Body Type

Women are quite self-conscious when it comes to body types. It seems that more and more women try to hide their flaws instead of accentuating their advantages. It’s important for a woman to be realistic about her figure, but it’s also important to understand that she has to stay feminine and confident despite all. Knowing how to dress according to one’s body shape is extremely vital and it can prevent serious fashion mistakes.

There are five major body types: hourglass, ruler, apple, pear and upside down pear. The ruler type is the easiest to dress and the key is to add some shape, not hide it. The hourglass body type is also quite simple for dressing up. However, the apple and the pear types are without doubt the most problematic ones. Unfortunately, most women have these body types so it’s essential to accept it and try to work with it.

Apple type: This is your body type if the mid section of your body is the widest part. Your goal should be to show that you have a waist and bring the attention to your face, not to your legs. You can create a waist with dresses which are flowy and have empire waist, but beware of the maternity style. You should wear shorter skirts and dresses – this will balance out your proportions.

Pear Shape: This is your body type if your hips/thighs are the widest part of your body. It’s harder to find the perfect jeans for this body type, because you have to slim down the hips visually. You can do that with straight line pants and by focusing on the upper half of your body. Pick tops in brighter colours with embellishments and detailing.

author: Teodora Todorova

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