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Date Night Fashion: how to dress

Date nights are those special events in every woman’s life that deserve a new dress or at least a new pair of shoes. First impression is important and women understand that completely. Date nights are the opportunity to impress the other party with a stunning outfit.

The best advice for women is to dress and act naturally. Everything that is “over the top” wouldn’t feel at place. So what’s the best outfit for a date? It depends on your figure, age, the season and the place. Make sure that the outfit is truly you and you are not trying to copy trends that don’t even suit you. 

Date at a restaurant: This classic date deserves a great little black dress (in winter), paired with a scarf and a blazer or a sundress/miniskirt (in spring and summer), paired with ballet flats. Leave the pair of jeans in your wardrobe and pick a feminine and trendy attire. A pair of high or mid heels is the perfect choice – classy and sexy.

Date at a bar: Depending on the type of bar, you can dress up or down. Don’t wear the highest of heels and you don’t even feel comfortable in a dress or a skirt, simply wear tight jeans or pants.

Date outdoors: For an outdoor date, wear something comfortable, casual, yet pretty and trendy. Pick an outfit that makes you feel truly yourself. There is no better attire than the one that gives you that extra confidence.

Remember that the best outfit is a combination of many things – the right bag, the right amount of jewellery, a flattering fit and nothing too revealing. A date is an opportunity to show your good taste, yet not show too much. You don’t have to break the budget, but you can certainly treat yourself to a piece of new clothing which will make you feel pretty and special.

author: Teodora Todorova

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