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Colors: Yellow in fashion

Yellow is one of the brightest and warmest colours on the spectrum. Different shades of yellow are lemon, khaki, topaz, banana, cadmium, golden and saffron. It represents sunshine and energy, but it also has a conflicting symbolism just like red. It is both a symbol of joy and happiness and deceit and cowardice. Above all, yellow in terms of fashion, is a cheerful and positive colour which exudes sunshine and joy. It works best if you pair yellow with another colour – blues, oranges, grays, blacks and even reds.

Yellow is a great colour for spring and summer fashion with its citrus hint and sunny feel. It works well as a primary outfit colour, but t’s best when complementing another colour in a subtle or bright tone. Yellow is a colour that stimulates the brain and human communication. It grabs attention and gives confidence. In fashion these two qualities are major. Yellow is a non-emotional colour, which is more connected to the way we think than the way we feel.

In menswear: Yellow can be worn for t-shirts, accessories and even shoes, but you need to be careful with it. It’s more suitable for casual events and the warmer seasons and it shouldn’t be overdone.

In women’s wear: Yellow is a cheerful colour that brings joy to the eye and expresses the positive mood of its wearer. Therefore, women can choose it for summer and spring events, for birthdays, weddings, nights out and other casual events. There are various shades of yellow which can be paired with a wide range of other colours.

author: Teodora Todorova

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