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Colors: White in fashion

White is one of the most expressive colours, with a rich symbolism and meaning. Just like black, white pairs well with almost all colours. It symbolizes innocence, purity and honesty. White has its various shades, known by the names ivory, pearl, snow, linen, old lace, cream, paper, lily, chalk, smoke, alabaster, whitewash and others. Too much white can irritate the human eye, but in a balanced combination it is a brilliant colour. White is present in most cultures and traditions – the colour of brides and weddings, the colour of doctors and medical service, the colour of angels and divinity.

White is the perfect spring and summer colour in terms of fashion. If you don’t like plain white, pick a piece of clothing in ivory, cream or neutral beige. These shades match just about any skin tone and they are easily paired with other colours. White is the perfect background for all the other bright colours that you love: hot pink, range, red, deep purple, green, yellow.

In menswear: Plain white is a classic colour, traditional choice for dress shirts at the office. The softer shades like ivory and cream are perfect for t-shirt, jumpers and trousers. Avoid a head to toe white look for formal occasions.

In women’s wear: White is the perfect colour for sundresses, dress shirts, tops, and a wide range of accessories. Try to create a balanced look when wearing white – the classic combination of white and black is a great choice. It’s not aggressive to the eye and it shows just the right amount of class and style.

author: Teodora Todorova

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