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Colors: Red in fashion

Red is considered the strongest and most expressive colour, with a strong meaning and powerful symbolism. Red has its own language and it can speak volumes when worn tastefully. Some of the shades of red are called crimson, burgundy, ruby, maroon, scarlet, vermilion and carmine. Red is a hot colour; a combination of strong emotions and symbols. It represents love, romance and passion, it is the ultimate colour of the heart. However, it also represents warfare, violence, rage and blood.

Red is both the colour of Cupid and the Devil. It stirs emotions and it can cause an adrenaline rush. Red also signifies power and significance in the business world. Wearing a red tie has a strong symbolism. Some cultures see red as the colour of joy, happiness and even purity. Above all, red grabs attention and one can never stay unnoticed when wearing it. Even just a little bit of red in one’s outfit can make a big difference.

In menswear: Red is perhaps not the most everyday colour, but it’s a great choice for an important meeting, a big day at the office or even for an interview. It represents confidence and strength, which are important male qualities. In its darker shades like burgundy, crimson and maroon, red is definitely a strong and masculine colour. If you want a true timeless fashion staple for your wardrobe, buy a burgundy coat, a maroon dress shirt or a vermilion jumper.

In women’s wear: Red is a sign of a woman knowing what she wants. Therefore red can never be a bad choice. Too much red can look disturbing though, so make sure you balance it out. A red dress is enough to make a strong statement, so keep the accessories and the shoes neutral. If you want to be totally on trend pick red shoes or a hot red bag and wear them when you need that extra confidence.

author: Teodora Todorova

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