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Colors: Purple in fashion

Purple is the combination of blue and red, it’s a mixture of cold and warm which makes it one of those extremely beautiful colours that simply stand out. Ranging from pale and light shades to dark and deep ones, the different shades of purple include lavender, magenta, lilac, eggplant, amethyst, violet, wine, mulberry, mauve, orchid, pomegranate, plum, indigo and many more. Purple is a colour of the royalty – it is magical and mysterious. It is widely associated with spirituality and nobility. Purple may not be an everyday colour like black and white, but it’s definitely an intriguing one. In nature, purple has almost a sacred place – with its cool and warm properties. Purple is the colour of creativity, but too much of it can cause moodiness.

In menswear: The best shades for men’s clothing are pale and deep purple. The pinkish hues are more suitable for women. Men often wear purple dress shirts as they give them confidence and a feeling of power. Pairing eggplant purple with a neutral colour such as ivory or cream creates a wonderful combination – both conservative and mysterious. A bold and striking combination is green and purple – a hit in urban wear these days. The key to wearing purple is not to overdo things and keep it stylish and subtle. This way purple can turn into a traditional everyday colour.

In women’s wear: Women love a bit of purple now and then – for jumpers, accessories, bags, tops, skirts, winter coats and dresses. Bright and deep purple suits women with fairer complexion, whereas the paler shades are aimed at brunettes with darker skin tone. Whichever the choice, the appeal of purple is undeniable. It makes a woman feel confident and look really feminine.

author: Teodora Todorova

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