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Colors: Pink in fashion

Pink is a soft colour, less powerful than red, often associated with femininity. Various shades of pink are known as coral, blush, fuchsia, salmon, magenta, hot pink, rose, raspberry, flush and others. Statistics show that a large amount of pink can lead to some physical weakness in people, unlike red which is known to give energy. Pink might not be the strongest colour on the spectrum, but it’s one of the most popular ones among women. It denotes love and romance, charm and tenderness.

The power of the colour pink is undeniable. It is a pretty colour which creates vibrant combinations with other colours. Nevertheless, one should be careful when wearing pink as it can be misinterpreted. Pale pink is classy and great for formal occasions, whereas bright pink should be only for casual affairs.

In male fashion: Pink has been associated with women for centuries, so there are still plenty of men who avoid wearing it, but the truth is that a pastel shade can really complement a man’s skin tone and accentuate his overall appearance. Nowadays, men usually choose pink for dress shirts, t-shirts and some accessories.

In women's wear: When it comes to women’s fashion pink and its various tones are literally everywhere – dresses, shoes, bags, tops, knitwear, etc. Pink is a positive and warm colour which is great for summer, but also worn during spring and autumn. Even a slight touch of pink in winter is enough to make you feel more positive and relaxed. It exudes romance and happiness.

author: Teodora Todorova

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