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Colors: Orange in fashion

Flamboyant and energetic, orange is one of those vibrant colours which make a strong impression. Orange is a mixture of yellow and red and it has some of their attributes. It is a symbol of energy, the sun and warmth, but it’s also a less aggressive and intense colour than the powerful red. It is a cheerful and positive colour with a wide range of shades: pumpkin, brass, copper, peach, apricot, gold, citrus, vermilion, tangerine, flame.

Orange is a colour which stimulates emotions and the appetite. It is one of the popular corporate colours, because it’s proven that it provokes communication and being social. The colour is also associated with autumn, falling leaves, Halloween, the heat of summer and the changing seasons. Its citrus shade connects it to good health and energy.

In terms of fashion orange is that colour which turns heads without being too flashy or bold. The softer shades (peach and apricot) have a soothing effect and can be worn on a daily basis. Paired with brighter colours, the effect can be dazzling – with navy blue, green, red hot or even black.

In menswear: Men don’t wear much orange, but it’s a good colour for t-shirts, ties and warm winter jumpers. It can be paired with black, brown or white.

In women’s wear: A woman can be as brave with orange as she wants. By pairing it with purple, blue or pink the effect will be psychedelic. An orange dress with red shoes is a fiery combination. Green skinny jeans with an orange t-shirt say one thing: tropical. Whichever the choice, the result is certainly eye-catching and memorable.

author: Teodora Todorova

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