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Colors: Green in fashion

Green is an expressive colour which represents life, the earth and the living in general. It is one of the most abundant colours in nature, a true symbol of the environment, of health and renewal. Some of the popular shades of green are aquamarine, lime, olive, emerald, jade, sage and mint. Green has similar calming attributes to blue. It is a colour associated with spring, St. Patrick’s Day, jealousy and the Islam. With such a rich symbolism, no wonder why green is so expressive in fashion as well. With its warming and soothing effect, wearing green brings harmony and a feel of a fresh spring day. It pairs well with red, yellow, brown and shades of blue.

In menswear: Wearing green is perhaps not a top choice, but it’s a lovely option for casual outfits. A dark green dress shirt can be just as classy as a blue one at the office. Green is popular in the camouflage trend which seems to have occasional comebacks in the world of fashion. A man should be careful with the undertone of green and make sure he chooses the right shade for his complexion and hair colour.

In women’s wearGreen is a lovely colour for bags, warm jumpers, knitwear, tops and not so common for dresses and shoes, but still often found in urbanwear collections.

author: Teodora Todorova

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