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Colors: Gray in fashion

Gray is produced when you mix two opposite colours on the spectrum, such as black and white. However, gray can be made by combining two complimentary colours too – like yellow and violet. Gray is a neutral colour, but there are various shades of gray, some of which warmer and others cooler.

In fashion gray is a rather muted colour, usually used for blending in. If you want to make a dark outfit look brighter you can add some gray, in the form of an accessory or by layering different pieces. In business attire the darker shades of gray are quite popular for both men’s and women’s outfits: suits, trousers, shirts, knitwear, coats, etc. If you want a nice base colour which gives you a great background to work on, pick a lighter shade of gray. Thus, you can add just about any other colour and create a great look. Gray is no longer a somber or dull colour, as more and more designers experiment with different shades, textures and styles in gray. Gray will always be a colour in great demand, especially in business fashion. In urban wear gray is an everyday colour. 

In menswear: Gray is a top colour for suits, jackets, shoes, slacks, scarves, blazers and trousers. It is a serious, yet versatile colour. Avoid wearing gray from top to bottom and pair it with navy, black or light purple. Urbanwear gives a lot of freedom in tersm of wearing gray.

In women’s wear: Gray is definitely not the most feminine colour of all, but it gives a lot of freedom. A gray dress can be considered formal wear, even if it’s rather casual. Gray shoes, bags, coats, shirts and jumpers are everywhere these days. Gray can look like a fun colour if you manage to add some colour – yellow, green, purple, pink, red, blue. It all depends on the exact shade, so even the most unusual combination can look good.

author: Teodora Todorova

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