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Colors: Brown in fashion

Brown is such a down-to-earth and natural colour that it can be both the best and the worst choice, depending on the occasion and piece of clothing. Brown is everywhere in nature, it is a warm colour which pairs well with most shades. It has a wide spectrum of shades: auburn, sand, chocolate, coffee, khaki, hazel, ochre, cocoa, bronze, mahogany, terra-cotta and many more.

Brown stimulates the appetite, it is a colour of the earth that is usually a safe choice when you don’t know what else to pick. It’s a symbol of friendliness, simplicity, health and a popular corporate colour although not as popular as blue. What is great about this colour is that it has so many various shades and hues that it shouldn’t be associated only with the typical wood shade. It is a colour that can be both casual and formal. It’s best worn in autumn and winter as it brings warmth and a feeling of comfort and coziness. If you don’t want to wear black you can try a very dark brown which will have the same effect.

In menswear:  A piece of clothing in brown can be a shirt, a coat, a jacket, trousers or knitwear. Just about any piece of wear and especially accessories in brown are suitable for the workplace. However, brown can be a dull colour if you wear more than one piece in it. Pair it with green, red or deep purple.

In women’s wear:  Brown is perhaps not the best colour to make a woman stand out, but it’s a safe choice for footwear, bags and other accessories. A warm brown jumper can look best paired with indigo or navy blue jeans, or if you decide to wear brown trousers then pick a top in a brighter colour.

author: Teodora Todorova

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