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Colors: Black in fashion

To many people black is not even a colour, but in fashion black has its strong roots and it’s a timeless colour. Conservative, dull, gloomy, sophisticated, sexy, mysterious – these are just some of the words that describe black as a colour in fashion. It is a serious and conventional colour which is the ultimate choice for formal events and black-tie events, for night time and at the office, but despite its conflicting connotations black is a colour that stirs emotions and can turn heads.

So which colour is black? In fact, there are some shades that all represent black, such as charcoal, coal, ebony, midnight, onyx, raven and ink. Black is more of an absence of colour than an expressive hue. In terms of clothing, black is favored for its slimming effect on both male and female figures. It pairs well with lighter shades and pastel tones. It can also make any other colour appear much brighter than it actually is.

Black has a rich symbolism – it is associated with mourning, mystery, elegance and even power. Black is a mixture of negative and positive, which makes it an integral part of every person’s wardrobe. It pairs well with blue, red, green, yellow and gray. Each combination is suitable for a different event and creates a different effect.

In menswear: Black is the ultimate colour for suits, tuxedos, trousers, coats, bags and shoes. It’s definitely present in every man’s wardrobe nowadays. It works well at the office and for nights out.

In women’s wear: The classic little black dress is a great example of how black works in women’s fashion. Shoes, accessories, tight, outerwear – black is everywhere. Women love the classic combination of black and white, which is always a winning choice.

author: Teodora Todorova

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