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Black & White for Spring

If there is one trend that will completely take over the fashion scene this spring, it is the black and white trend. One of the timeless and classiest colour combinations, it’s neat, crisp and sophisticated. It translates into every language and flatters all body types. Here are the top trends in black and white.

1. Graphic Chic

A bold way to incorporate black and white into one’s wardrobe is by wearing graphic prints. Whether it’s a trouser suit or a cutout dress, the big graphic prints add confidence and can completely hide the body flaws.

2. Animal Prints

From the classic zebra to the snow leopard print, animal prints are delicate, small and beautiful. Don’t overdo it – choose one main piece in a black and white animal print and keep the rest of the outfit simple and balanced.

3. Stripes

Oversized black and white stripes never go out of fashion – one of the easiest ways to incorporate them in an outfit is with horizontal ones.

4. Embellishments

The black and white trend can be more subtle, yet still visible. Embroideries and various embellishments look fresh and versatile.

5. Color blocking

The ever so hot trend is still big in fashion and the big chunks of black and white stand out on sheer fabrics. One of the best ways to wear the trend is by mixing solid white and solid black presence.

6. Minimalist

Even just a trim of black or white at the right spot can make an outfit look sleek and classy and the whole silhouette much neater.

7. Mixed Prints

Mix black and white prints of different shapes in similar sizes. It’s a brave trend that once you master you would fall in love with.

8. Small Prints

Black and white prints don’t have to be necessarily bold and big. The small ones can be just as attractive – florals, polka dots, paisley and other ditsy prints are equally flattering and pretty.

9. Tweed

One of the most feminine ways to wear black and white is in a chic tweed suit. Try slim-cut separates for a sophisticated outfit.

10. Variegated Stripes

A springlike way to incorporate black and white is by wearing stripes in different sizes. Use black stripes that are closer together on the body parts that are larger and wider spaced and thinner stripes on your smaller body parts.

author: Teodora Todorova

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