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Back to School Fashion

It's Fall and back to school time so we have picked some top items from our men's store - the ones that are comfortable, affordable, but with lots of swag. Don't be afraid to try these urban outfits and go bold with prints and colour. After all, school and college are the best places to make a fashion statement if you are a youngster.

Skinny fit jeans in maroon? Yes, please. This shade and style continue to rule in the world of urban wear and if you don't own a pair you are missing out a lot. Pair it with a long-sleeved casual shirt in red checks and don't forget to put on a nice pair of trainers; like the ones we have here from Puma for just $65.

Perhaps you are into more classical colours and fits. Not a problem - we have got a grey outfit for you. The pants are slim fit but not that slim and the buttondown striped shirt is a nice add-on.

For those of you who love making a fashion statement we suggest this cool miliarty-styled outfit - Levi's cargo pants, denim jacket and cool trainers.

Wear with style and confidence and enjoy the school or college days this Fall.


author: Teodora Todorova

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