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Athletic Figure Fashion - Dressing Your Body Type

Most women with athletic figures spend a considerable time working out and keeping their bodies fit. It can be a challenge to find the right clothing for their body type. The key to dressing well with such a figure is to make sure you accentuate the good features and bring out your femininity. If you are tall and athletic you need to create some curves in your frame, and if you are short and athletic then you have to add some length to your body. The trick is to style yourself as if you had an hourglass body type – with some extra around the hips and the shoulders. Here are some clothes for women with athletic figures which look best on them.

Tops with shoulder-emphasis: You don’t have to wear shoulder pads in order to recreate this look. Pick sleeveless shirts, cap-sleeved tops, tops with ruffles or embellishments, off-the shoulder sleeves, sleeves with buttons or pleats. This way you give your upper body a V-shape.

High-waist skirts and pants: This style is definitely not for every woman, but it’s perfect for athletic body types, because it creates a balanced dimension between the upper and lower body and accentuates the waistline.

Emphasize your waist even more: Wear a belt or choose dresses and tops which are tighter at the waistline – this way you will draw the attention to your natural curves.

Pick dresses and skirts with bulk: There are plenty of styles which can add a little volume to your lower body – bubble, A-line, ruffled, pleated, etc. If the dress or skirt is shorter, the accent will be on your fit legs.

Wear pants with prominent pockets: Pockets that are directly on your hips or have embellishments will add emphasis to this area. You can opt for cargo pants with their pockets along the outside line of the thigh. Or wear flared pants which will add some bulk to your lower body.

Don’t wear short straight tops and jackets: If you don’t want your torso to appear boyish and boxier, avoid wearing short and straight tops and jackets.

author: Teodora Todorova

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From: Katie
Review: Such a useful article. Spot on. It's hard to pick the right clothing for such a specific body type, but this is just great advice.
Rating: 5/5 stars