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Apple Bottoms Women's Jeans

Jeans are one of the must haves in the modern woman’s wardrobe. It may look easy, but choosing jeans can actually be quite a challenge. Finding a pair which looks good, flatters your figure and feels comfortable is not an easy task with such a big variety on the market. Shopping online for jeans has been made a lot easier and The site offers you a great collection of women’s jeans from Apple bottoms.

Apple Bottoms Jeans are a new sensation in women’s clothing. This exciting new brand appeared on the urban fashion market in 2003 and despite its success there are still many people who are not aware of it. The fashion brand was launched by the hip hop artist Nelly and it has gained a tremendous popularity for its ability to design jeans which imitate the hip-hop clothing worn my celebrities. These jeans are designed to flatter the woman’s body, hug the thighs and the bottom. In the beginning it targeted only women with larger bottoms, but gradually it has evolved into a main stream clothing line.

Nowadays, Apple Bottoms offer jeans for both curvy and skinny women. Another distinctive feature of the brand is the Apple logo, which is engraved on the back pocket of the jeans. It symbolizes what the brand is all about – embracing your figure and being proud of one’s curves. Apple Bottoms notion is that a woman shouldn’t try to fit into the jeans, but instead the jeans should try to fit the woman. Apple Bottoms women’s jeans are sassy and sexy, offering nice detailing of studs, beads and rhinestones.

Apple Bottoms jeans have lycra material in the denim which makes them fit the shape of the woman, giving her a boost of confidence and sex appeal which the average pair of jeans does not provide. Apple Bottoms offers jeans for women of all ages, sizes and social status. The brand is also favored for its decision to make each clothing piece affordable, which does not affect its quality. Apple Bottoms mission is to exhibit and accentuate the curves of the woman, instead of hiding them.

Apple Bottoms jeans are definitely the denim fashion to look out for. This season’s Apple Bottoms collection of women’s jeans offers a huge variety of styles and designs – skinny jeans, slim leg, shorts, straight jeans and others in acid wash denim, dark denim, black, blue, white and others. Our site offers you the latest in women’s jeans from Apple Bottoms, guaranteeing you easy search, plenty of sizes and styles.

Choose the jeans which fit your shape, appeal to your style and express your individuality. Browse deals and offers, compare prices, match and shop for Apple Bottoms women’s jeans.

author: Teodora Todorova

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