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The love affair between fashion and denim is a timeless one. There isn’t a more powerful piece of clothing than the classic pair of well-fitted jeans, in both men’s and women’s wear. What used to be clothing entirely for functional purposes and work, is now an integral part of every person’s wardrobe and worn everywhere and anytime.

So what exactly is the denim? It’s a type of cotton twill fabric which is initially stiff and dark blue in colour (or indigo). This raw fabric can be faded and turned into various “washes”, with different finish and texture. The colour of the denim jeans today is any colour you could want. The lighter shade of blue denim, or the most basic wash, is created with bleaching. Another popular wash is the acid – the jeans look like their colour has been washed out. Nowadays, with a good dye there can be just about any colour of denim – pink, purple, green, yellow, red, etc. The vivid colours have become quite popular worldwide, especially for skinny jeans.

One of the recurrent trends in denim is distressed jeans. The process that is used ages the denim and gives it a specific over-worn look. This process also causes the fabric to rip – a trend popular even among high-end jeans brands.

In order to care for your denim properly, you first have to invest some time and money into finding the perfect pair of jeans, which will serve you for a while. With the perfect sizing and fit, the jeans shouldn’t be dried in a machine dryer, but rather hang to dry, especially if they have some stretch. The less you wash the fabric, the longer the denim will last. If you want a pair that will fit you well even if your weight varies, look for jeans with at least 20% of elastin in their fabric.

author: Teodora Todorova

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